November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

This is the Herb Garden/ Birthday Wishing Spell
that I made for myself last month.
It is very easy to do. Simply plant your favorite flower, herb, or tree.
Write on a piece of paper your wishes for the year. 
Fold the paper and bury it in the soil. 
I like to add crystals and special items to the soil as well to give it some added energy.
As your care for your plant your wishes should begin to manifest.
I chose 
Oregano for happiness and tranquility.
Sage for protection and wishes
Mint for luck, love and healing.
Earl Grey for psychic powers.
Rosemary for protection and healing.

November 18, 2013

I got a new Instagram account. Here is the link if you would like to follow.

November 17, 2013

I have really been enjoying this full moon. My rising sign is Taurus so maybe that's why I'm so drawn to it this month. According to Mystic Mama “The Taurus Full Moon message is to align your goals with your core values. This will promote your success…The Taurus Full Moon is reminding you to create your own safety and security. Safety and security are found in your mighty I Am Presence–your Higher Self…”

November 15, 2013

I spent some time today after work collecting hag stones and watching the grackles in the river. This is one of the few places that I will miss when we move.

I love searching for hag stones. If you peer through the hole of a hag stone you can supposedly see the faerie world and see elemental beings and spirits. 

The bee signifies good luck & abundance.

I think these are dove feathers. We have a lot of doves around here. I’m going to clean these and use them to make earrings.